Wagon Wheel Trail System

Rio Blanco County welcomes residents and visitors to enjoy great outdoor recreation activities such as camping, hunting, fishing, off-highway vehicle (OHV) riding, among others. To expand opportunities for outdoor recreation, the County started a project called the Wagon Wheel Trail System to provide increased recreational opportunities through unique, satisfying, and sustainable OHV experiences in Rio Blanco County and Northwest Colorado.  The trail system is now complete and compliment US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management travel plans, while providing connectivity to multiple counties, similar to the Paiute ATV Trail system in central Utah. 

“Wagon Wheel OHV Trail  - East” 

Meeker, Colorado is home to the “Wagon Wheel OHV Trail  - East” featuring over 250 miles of trails and 16 interconnecting loops in the White River National Forest. This trail system offers visitors a wonderful mix of natural and cultural history, with spectacular views, rugged mountain trails, abundant wildlife, and many historic sites. Rio Blanco County and Meeker, Colorado are “OHV friendly” allowing OHV travel on city streets and designated county roads, providing easier access to trails. The trail system offers a variety of trail difficulties ensuring all skill levels will enjoy their ride. 

"Wagon Wheel OHV Trails - West"

 Experience over 360 miles of OHV trails in Rangely on the White River Bureau of Land Management! Trails are located between 4 to 35 miles from the center of town and most are accessible without trailering. The trails range from mostly groomed to loose gravel and mild to wild. 

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The Wagon Wheel Trail System currently has approximately 250 miles of roads and trails with varying levels of difficulty. The implementation of this trail system involves inter-jurisdictional cooperation between Rio Blanco County, the Towns of Meeker and Rangely, the Meeker and Rangely Chambers of Commerce, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, local and state enthusiasts. The first accomplishments of the project have included: creation of a database of existing OHV routes, posted route signs, creation of a marketing campaign, development of rules, regulations and enforcement. Two White River Rendezvous events have also been hosted in Meeker bringing some initial success to the project.Making Wagon Wheel Trail System a reality will take the effort of many people and organizations. You're welcome to join us for the ride!