Lake Avery to Fawn Creek Ride

Approximately 21 mile loop ride from the parking lot

DESCRIPTION: Either trailer OHVs or ride 22 miles from Fairgrounds to parking lot via Connector Trail along County Road 8 and 115 with 21 miles or paved road. If riding to parking lot, leave 45 minutes early. This is a good beginner ride for those who are familiar with the operation and control of their OHV.

EXPERIENCE LEVEL: EASY to MODERATE - overall, well-traveled Forest Service 4x4 dirt roads with some rocky surfaces, shallow ruts, and small stream crossings.


•   Start and finish at the Lake Avery Parking Lot on County Road 115 at the top of the hill, 0.7 mile off of County Road 8.  

•   Route - CR115, FS250, FS280, CR115, CR8, CR115.  To complete the loop there will be 7 miles of paved road riding to return to the parking lot.